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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Tables, tables everywhere...

Over the last week we rolled out a few new functionalities for Polychart's dashboarding tool. You can now preview the data tables you're working with, and add numerals and tables as items on your dashboards.

Preview Table

When working with a new data set, it's helpful to get a glimpse of what the underlying data really look like. That's why being able to see a portion of the raw data is one of the most requested features. Simply hover over the table you want to view, and click the "Preview Table" button. You'll see the first 100 rows of your working data in its original, unfiltered form, including all columns.

Here is an example pulled from our Demo Dashboard.

Tables & Pivot Tables

The table preview we discussed is helpful for understanding the raw data, but cannot be included on actual dashboards. So we have added tables and pivot tables, which can be placed on the dashboards.

To create a table, click "MAKE Table" and choose at least one categorical or date column, and one numeric column. Numeric values can be aggregated (e.g. summed, averaged, or counted per category), giving tables similar expressiveness as charts.

To create a pivot table, click "CUSTOM Table", or "EDIT Table" on any existing table on your dashboards. There you will be able to add one or more columns, rows, values, or filters - giving much more flexibility than the above menu. You'll see that the table we created in the above menu is really a special case of pivot tables, developed to quickly make common types of tables.


Sometimes a single number is what really matters - total user signups, email sends over the last week, etc. To create a single numeral, use "MAKE Number".

Below is an example. Here we're looking at a count of total content created, and we can further filter the numeral, as shown below.

We are continually improving our tools for our users. As always, we love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

For all of these updates and more, sign up (if you haven't already) and check out the Polychart dashboard!

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