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Thursday 11 July 2013

An update from the Polychart Team

The Polychart blog has been quiet for the last couple of months, but our office has been anything but. During the past few months the team relocated to Toronto/Canada to take part in the Extreme Startups accelerator program. We've since released new versions of Polychart.js and the main Polychart dashboarding tool that was in the works since late last year.

With the new tool, we hope to enable businesses to connect to one or more data sources, and visualize data from across these sources. We also hope to enable non-technical users to understand data visually through our drag-and-drop tool.

Nima, CTO of Koge Vitamins, analyzing survey results using Polychart

Our data source support currently include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Salesforce and Google Analytics (newly added last week!). CSV document uploads are in the pipeline, which would make it easier to visualize spreadsheets.

If you haven't taken Polychart out for a spin yet, you should do it now. While the product is in beta you can use Polychart for free on As always your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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