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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Polychart is Open Source

We've always believed that data should be democratized, that giving non-technical users direct access to data they need to make decisions is key to making businesses (and hence our world) more efficient. We've also believed that data visualization is key in helping people better understand their data. That's why we built Polychart: to give non-technical users, especially those in small & medium sized online businesses, tools to explore, visualize, and understand data.

We also realized that the best way to help both our technical and non-technical users is to make Polychart open source. This means that it is about to become a lot easier to host Polychart on-premise, connect directly to your data sources, and explore data in a secure environment that you control.

What this means to you

Polychart Builder is licensed under GPL Affero. This license allows you to download and deploy Polychart securely on a server that you control. You are free to use Polychart as an internal data exploration and dashboarding tool, as you see fit. If you do significantly modify Polychart in any way, you should make those changes available to others who may be able to benefit from it.

Other Use Cases & Licenses

If you would like to provide Polychart as a tool for your clients (e.g. as SaaS), you still can. While this is not covered under the GPL Affero license, we do have OEM licenses available. Contact us to find out more at

How to download & install

You can download Polychart at Unzip the file and run the `` script.

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