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Monday 28 January 2013

Want to Come Work With Us?

We're looking for a Director of Engineering to transform data visualization with us. We have a cool product that allows users to quickly gain insight from their data, and we need a great engineer to take it to the next level.

The Role

As Polychart's first ever Director of Engineering you will be taking the lead in inventing and building exciting new visualization products. This involves everything from managing the backend database all the way to frontend rendering. That said, the majority of our codebase is frontend code written in CoffeeScript. Other technologies we use include less/CSS, Python/Django/Tornado, and MySQL.

The Problems

Our products are highly technical and the challenges we face range from securely storing user data to making our interfaces friendly enough for both technical and non-technical users. We also make everything we do easily embeddable in third party applications, which poses other unique challenges as well.

Your Background

You should have very good understanding of web development, and have experience working with moderate amounts of data. While a light background in statistics is not required, it can be helpful. Personal projects are a huge plus -- we care a lot about what you've done, about your breadth as well as depth.


We will be compensating you with both salary and equity. We want you to own your work and take pride in your accomplishments!


Please email your resume to, and include in your resume your github account, projects you have worked on, twitter profile, and other relevant social media profiles.

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