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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Polychart Launches Commercially!

After many late nights and much over-caffeination, Polychart is launching commercially. Today we're unveiling a product family designed to simplify data exploration and data visualization, right from your browser. Let's go through each one:

Polychart Me is for anyone who has data and a question about it. Simply upload your dataset to and access Polychart's simple and intuitive visualization interface. The interface enables even the least technical users to explore data and generate charts, quickly and easily (yes, even your boss!). Resulting charts can be shared, exported, or kept secure. Watch our demo video to see for yourself!

When designing Polychart, we kept in mind the need to iterate when creating a data visualization. As in the video, it is very easy to make changes to charts the moment an idea comes to mind. This way, powerful insights do not become lost. Try it yourself for free at!

Polychart for Business is an embeddable version of Polychart, where you can take the entire Polychart drag-and-drop chart creation experience to your own website, application, or intranet. As a consequence of data becoming mainstream, many web applications now collect data useful for its users. These applications benefit from having an effective way to communicate data to users, and letting their users explore data without leaving the application. Best of all, integration is simple and requires only a couple lines of code. Email me for more information.

Polychart.js is charting library for developers. This is the core graphing engine used by Polychart, and has an expressive language that makes it possible to create a much wider variety of visualizations than your standard charting library. You can find out more at

There are plenty of data visualization softwares available today, so let's reiterate how the Polychart product family stands out:

  • the interface is dead simple
  • it is fast and easy to iterate on visualizations
  • it is completely web-based, and works on modern and IE7+ browsers with no installations
  • it uses an expressive language that makes it possible to create a wider variety of visualizations
  • the entire Polychart experience can be embedded in your website or application, with minimal integration work
Polychart Me and Polychart.js are both completely free to try and use for some purposes. Check it out, and let me know what you think! Oh and if you're interested in our embeddable offering, please contact me.

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