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Thursday 23 August 2012

Git Statistics with Polychart Graph Builder

For programmers reading this blog, we produced a video analyzing our programming productivity at Polychart using the Polychart Graph Builder.

One key advantage for using Polychart to do exploratory analysis like this is speed. It's easy to come up with a new way of looking at the data, and have the revised chart show up on your screen a second later. We didn't have anything specific that we were looking for, but as time progressed, different aspects of the data stood out and begged to be explored.

Another key advantage of Polychart is its expressiveness. Towards the end of the video we explained the idea of binding variables to aesthetics: being able to associate a graph feature (e.g. size of a point) to some value of a variable. This allows you to create more customized graphs suited to your needs.

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