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Monday 23 April 2012

Interview with DataRemixed

Polychart co-founder Lisa Zhang spent some time talking to Ben Jones from DataRemixed, who produced a podcast of the conversation. Here's what Ben says about the beta:
  1. Very impressive, and fun to explore my own data sets right in the browser
  2. It’s still quite “beta”, meaning there are a number of things I expected to be able to do, but wasn’t able to figure out (like displaying the x-axis date range values, embedding, etc.)
  3. It’s not quite comparable to other more feature-rich data visualization suites like Tableau (why? calculated fields, table calcs, parameters, background images, quick filters, tooltips, etc. etc. make Tableau much more functional)
  4. Polychart seems to have a home in the dataviz space – I can see using Polychart to share data online with others in a way that allows them to explore the data themselves
Here’s a screen shot of a visualization Ben created from web browser statistics from December 2008 until March 2012:

Thank you Ben for putting up this podcast and sharing this chart!

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